Make Hertfordshire's Roads Safer

Liberal Democrat Police and Crime Commissioner candidate unveils his plans to make Hertfordshire's roads safer

Sam North says: “I have unveiled plans today for a coherent roads policing strategy that sets out the basis for how our roads can be made safer. After it was revealed that only 3% of Hertfordshire Police’s budget is spent on policing our roads, it is no wonder that on average 78% of people see a traffic offence on a daily or weekly basis. 

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1 in 6 Officers looking to leave Hertfordshire Police as the force record lowest morale in the country

The latest survey conducted by the Police Federation shows that Hertfordshire Police has the lowest morale of any force in the country.

Sam says, "As a former police officer, I know the strain that the police are currently under and the difficulties that both officers and staff face. This survey demonstrates with absolute clarity that change must come to Hertfordshire Police, and it must start at the very top. It is no longer good enough to overlook the needs of the officers and staff who work tirelessly, risking their lives daily to protect ours."

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Liberal Democrat Candidate and anti-racism groups raise concerns

Liberal Democrat Candidate and anti-racism groups write to Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner questioning equality concerns.

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Sam North to run as Hertfordshire's next Police and Crime Commissioner.

Sam North has been announced by Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats as their candidate for the upcoming Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Sam is a former police officer who is passionate about policing and crime prevention and has a deep understanding of the current limitations of the police service, of the difficulties that they face, and of the very real concerns that have been raised by the police time and time again.

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