My Vision for Hertfordshire


Policing is a fundamental building block of our society. Dating back to the middle ages, the UK has a proud history of maintaining peace and order within our country. Recently however, it has become clear that policing has been put to the bottom of the agenda. Years of financial cuts and reductions in numbers have led to the police service operating at the absolute limits of what is possible. Stress among officers is rife, crime is rising, and assaults on police are at an all-time high.

But there is hope. We have a fantastic opportunity in Hertfordshire, not only to change the way that policing is done, but to set an example for other forces and law enforcement agencies across the country, and indeed the world to deal better with crime, tackle injustice and maintain safety and security.

As an ex-police officer, I have a deep understanding of the limitations of the police service, of the difficulties that they face, and of the very real concerns that have been raised time and time again to consecutive home secretaries that have fallen on deaf ears. That is why at the 2019 General Election I ran against Priti Patel and took the message to her that she is failing the police.

I know how to solve the significant issues the police face, I have an intrinsic understanding of how police forces could and should operate, of how they can improve their functionality, and of how important it is for police services to be empowered to deal with the ever changing environment in which they operate.

I have set out my manifesto which you can find below.