Please donate to help my campaign

Liberal Democrats rely on the generosity of local people like you to fund campaign literature that puts our messages in front of electors. We have no other income, unlike Labour who are funded by the Trade Unions, and the Conservatives, who are funded by big business.

Your donation will help get a Liberal Democrat Police and Crime Commissioner elected in Hertfordshire - someone who promises to work tirelessly to make Hertfordshire a safer place and who will be open and accountable about everything he does. 

This is what your donation could fund:

  • £10 would pay for an hour telephone canvassing listening to local people.
  • £25 would pay for delivering a leaflet on a local issue to 1,000 homes.
  • £50 would fund a survey of local residents views.
  • £100 would meet the cost of holding and advertising a residents meeting.
  • £250 would pay for 10,000 leaflets to keep local residents in touch.
  • £500 would cover the cost of mailing a voter registration to 1,000 residents.
  • £1,000 would pay for delivering a Lib Dem newspaper across a constituency.

Your donation will take my messages to even more people